Cereus forbesii spiralis

Origin and Habitat: Brazil?

Description: The spiral cereus (Cereus forbesii cv. Spiralis ), is a shrubby or treelike species dubiously thought of as a mutant Cereus forbesii. It is a (usually) trunkless cactus that forms numerous tall, ascending, columnar stems which branch at the base in a candelabra-like arrangement. Stems have a waxy bloom on the surface and reach a height of 2-4 metres (but can grow up to 5 m high or more), and are 10 to 12 cm in diameter. They have five to nine widely-spaced ribs. A few branches from the original plant were imported in Europe around 1980 for a very hight price. The original clone was characterized by strong grey stems covered with a dense pruina coating and with short spines (Also known as "short spined clone"), but nowadays almost all the plant on the trade are seed grown specimens derived from cross pollination with (presumably) Cereus peruvianus or Cereus stenogonus, they are usually a darker blue-green color usually with longer spines, and there remains a considerable confusion surrounding the true identity of this plants.
It is a heavy bloomer and large purple fruits are easily produced when flowers are pollinated. It is self-sterile.

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Cultivation and Propagation: They are of easy culture but cold intolerant. Make sure they are not exposed to freezing temperatures (Hardy to 28°F/-2°C) or they may die. They need a well drained soil mix. Water regularly in summer but allow to dry fully before watering again. During the winter months they should be rather kept dry. Since they are rapid growers, they need plenty of space for their roots. Repotting should be done every other year, or when the plant has outgrown its pot.
Sun Exposure: Light shade when young, full sun later.
Propagation: From cuttings in spring (let them dry till the ends callous well). Then replant them in fresh cactus soil that is ever so slightly moist, and keep them that way till they root), or by seeds. Seeds should be sown in a well-drained soil mix. Surface sowing is the best; seeds germinate in 14-28 days at 77°F (25°C).

"Cereus forbesii cv. Spiralis" Text available under a CC-BY-SA Creative Commons Attribution License. 14 Nov. 2005. 07 Mar 2021. </Encyclopedia/CACTI/Family/Cactaceae/11160/Cereus_forbesii_cv._Spiralis>

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